The Myths of the Man Pleasers

I found this timely and accurate portrait of today’s modern professing church over at Apprising Ministries. Pastor-teacher Ken Silva unflinchingly dissects and decimates a number of the fallacious claims being propounded by many of today’s most prominent evangelicals.

The evangelical church in America continues to wander almost aimlessly through this nation which was founded by God, but now has become as foreign a mission field as the deepest depths of the rain forests in Africa. An alleged Body of Christ searching for a Purpose as it morphes into an Emergent Church with so many today calling themselves Christians-who should be filled with His Spirit-but are instead considering many other paths for spiritual experience to fill a nagging emptiness. The sad fact is that the evangelical community, once a vibrant section of the Church of our Lord, long ago turned from the Bible unto the myths of the man-pleasers.

I highly recommend you take the time to finish reading “The Myths of the Man Pleasers” here.

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