A New 95 Theses

It looks like the LCMS is drawing a line in the sand with respect to the creeping cancer of Warrenism (i.e. Purpose Driven, man-centered ecumenism) by posting a “New 95 Theses“.  Some might find this wishful thinking or hyperbole, but I pray that this damning indictment of Purpose Driven Popery will represent a turning point in the raging battle between the God demeaning and man exalting semi-Pelagian circus church movement and those who cling desperately to the faith that was once delivered unto the saints; the historic, orthodox, Biblical Christian truth of the doctrines of divine and sovereign grace.

We read from “Save the LCMS!”:

Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, the public bulletin board of his day. In like manner, we, Athanasius and Chrysostom, post these 95 theses on the door of the internet. Like the original theses, these are debatable, for we believe that it is through vigorous debate that the spirits are tested and truth is revealed.

In publishing these theses, we do not intend to foment division, but to expose those who are creating division within the body of Christ. We are not addressing any particular church body or person, but invite all who love the Gospel of Jesus Christ to engage in this debate. We do so in the spirit of the great Reformer, Martin Luther, as we implore the mercies of God upon His Church, for the sake of Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Church and Bishop of our souls.

Whatever you may think of Lutherans they’ve really nailed this one (pun intended)!  😀


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