On Atheism

I will admit that I’m almost endlessly fascinated by atheists who continually reason in circles and speak of things such as “good” and “evil” as though they had some basis for objectively identifying anything at all as either “good” or “evil”.

When challenged with the fact that only Christian theism can explain why anything makes sense at all they ludicrously respond that atheists think and communicate all the time! But isn’t that interesting? WHY can atheists think or communicate? WHY can you and I count 10 things and both arrive at the same conclusion that there are 10 things there? WHY does anything at all make sense in a supposedly materialistic chaotic universe? They’re so busy hiding behind or secretly borrowing from Christianity that they fail to realize they are assuming the very thing they purport to refute!

Our intrepid atheists never seem to pause long enough to consider these questions, they simply want to assume their experience of existence as a matter of personal observation and/or convention. But again we’re faced with the same quandary, WHY can men (or science for that matter) make accurate observations of or arrive at a mutual consensus about ANYTHING AT ALL in a supposedly materialistic chaotic universe? In such a universe nothing whatsoever would have any meaning at all.

The reason for reason is God Almighty. He created everything and His creation reflects His divine order and perfect mind. Man, made in God’s image is able to function in God’s order because He is divinely equipped to do so. Even the most depraved lost sinner is blessed with the basic ability to function within God’s universe.

The wisdom of this world however, science, philosophy, etc is only wisdom so-called when it is based upon the reason of man apart from the revelation of the Holy Bible. Only when a man takes “every thought captive to Christ” and “loves the Lord with all his heart, his soul his mind” is he able to cogently reach rational, logical and coherent conclusions about the universe in which he lives.

Yet man cannot do this by his own power, rather he must submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in order that he might be born-again as commanded in scripture.

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