Rick Warren: False Prophet






The dark depths in which “Pastor” Rick is willing to plumb in his unbiblical, demonically inspired, UNITY AT ALL COSTS madness is simply breathtaking.

From a biblical perspective Warren’s little talk in the clip below constitutes true “hate speech”!

Friends, it’s not kindness or love to tell someone who is deathly ill and in desperate need of strong medicine and immediate surgery that they’re doing just fine! On the contrary, it’s the worst kind of HATE!

It’s not God honoring to tell an audience of unbelievers that God is cheering them on in their carnal, fleshly pursuits – whatever those may be!

The shameless charlatan Rick Warren is completely shot through with a man-centered non-gospel that utterly fails to even confront unrepentant men with their sin and trespass! This is an affront and an offense to the Infinite Creator and Judge of the universe and constitutes a complete rejection of the Great Commission!

Why would Rick Warren – who professes to be an EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN – have spoon fed those poor people with lies from the pit of hell? Why would he have FAILED TO TELL THE TRUTH and choose instead to send them away feeling good about themselves and essentially telling them that “God loves you just the way you are!” Sadly the heinous arch-fiend Rick Warren withholds the offensive truth of the gospel and hides the foolishness of the preaching of the cross out of a FEAR OF MAN. By his words and actions Rick Warren makes it abundantly clear that he cherishes his reputation, his job, his adoring media coverage, his fawning hangers-on, sycophants, yes-men, hirelings and the chiefest seats at sumptuous banquets MORE THAN he cherishes the Lord Jesus Christ and His singular truth as contained uniquely in the Holy Bible. This is no light matter!

Rick Warren has counted the cost and has sided with the world, the lust of the flesh, and the praise of men.

Oh that someone might tell Rick Warren and the followers of Warrenism that friendship with the world is enmity with God!

Oh that someone might pull Rick Warren and the followers of Warrenism back from the precipice upon which they dance, teetering on the brink of eternal damnation and hell fire!

Oh that someone might snatch Rick Warren and the followers of Warrenism from the flames of hell that are even now licking at their soiled and filthy feet!

Watch the clip below and hear the hiss for yourself: “Yea, hath God said?”

HAT TIP: A Little Leaven

17 thoughts on “Rick Warren: False Prophet

  1. Yep, he’s absolutely right! If God gives me a talent for making movies, then I should go out and make the best pornograhy I can. Because God will look at the porn I make and say, “That’s my boy!”

    Or, perhaps I’m a doctor. I should put my skills to use in an abortion clinic. And while I’m sucking the life of a child through a vacuum, God will see my work and say, “That’s my boy!”

    Perhaps I am a businessman. I have a knack for (as Warren says), making deals. So, I do my research, and I learn what kind of Crack people want, and how to maximize my profit selling poison to kids. God will see that and say, “That’s my boy!

    You see that? It’s so easy to use the talents God has given us to make pornography, kill babies, and sell drugs. And that’s really what makes God happy, isn’t it? Just using the talents He has given us. We don’t have to be so concerned about all that nitpicky stuff, like sin and holiness. Just use your talents and abilites–that’s all God cares about.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go barf.

    Oh, and don’t you just love that little bit about “It’s all about making this world a better place.” Why? So when God destroys it with fire (1st Peter 3:7-10), He will be destroying a nice planet? Uhhh, Ricky-Boy, it ain’t about “making this world a better place.” You need to pack that hookah-talk back in your hemp backpack and open your eyes, my friend. It ain’t about this planet. It’s about God!

    You know, I could have saved Warren a lot of work. The subtitle of his little self-help manual is “What on earth am I here for?” Oooh!! Oooh!! I can tell you! “To glorify God.” That will be ten dollars please.

  2. Ooooh, I feel all warm and spiritual on the inside now. I feel that I have been called to nap – – I think I will skip work tomorrow and make heaven happy with my napping.

    Good grief what a load of rubbish.

    Embarking on The Purpose Driven Life was the first step in a downward spiral at the church I used to attend.

  3. Warrenism is a rapidly metastasizing spiritual cancer that’s spreading unchecked within the lukewarm last days Laodician apostate version of church-ianity.

    Yet as black as this present darkness may be it’s against this evil backdrop that the light of the Lord shines even brighter as he separates the wheat and the tares, the sheep and the goats; unfolding history like a scroll as He fulfills His eternal and sovereign will to the praise of His glory alone!

    This is the LORD’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. – Psalms 118:23

  4. Unfortunately, most people want this kind of nonsense. It tickles their ears and makes them feel good about themselves. They don’t have to be accountable and hopefully can buy their way into a moneyed life and all kinds of good things!

  5. Was Rick Warren invited to preach on Jesus and His saving Grace or was he invited to speak on something else?

    If God has gifted a person to make movies then it is the person’s own bad choice to make porn. God gives everyone gifts, but it is our choice of how we will use them. We can either use them for His glory or ours.

  6. David Knapp,

    Of course only Rick Warren or his handlers could answer your question definitively, but I think we can make some very reasonable inferences from the available data and arrive at a sound conclusion about your inquiry.

    Rick Warren is a well known evangelical pastor.

    As a professing Christian and pastor Rick Warren’s primary responsibility is to the church of Jesus Christ and service to the Person of the Lord.

    The service of every Christian regardless of his or her position in Christ is, among other things, to faithfully proclaim the eternal gospel of Jesus Christ to “every creature under heaven”.

    Rick Warren ostensibly accepted the offer to speak at the conference shown in the video.

    It seems reasonable that Rick Warren was free to (and in my mind would have been obliged to) reject that offer if there were preconditions that restricted his speech as a guest speaker and a Christian pastor (i.e. “We think you’re great and you can talk about whatever you want except for any of that ‘Jesus stuff'”.)

    It seems reasonable that Rick Warren accepted the offer to speak without preconditions and topically chose, after deliberation, the things he would speak about – and by extension not speak about.

    Rick Warren did not offer the true gospel of Jesus Christ (or anything like it) to his audience, but instead offered a feel good, self esteem, motivational speech.

    This represents a complete abrogation of Rick Warren’s duty to Christ’s gospel as a Christian and a pastor and is an inexcusable and shameless display of worldliness gone mad in the broader professing church.

    In closing I agree with your last comment insofar as you are correct that men can use their lives for God’s glory or for their own, but sadly all men will use and abuse themselves in the service of self until they die and are justly condemned to eternal damnation in hell fire, or until they are miraculously born again of the Holy Spirit by the Word of God through the power of the eternal gospel of Jesus Christ which was withheld from the audience in the video above by Rick Warren.

    In Christ,

  7. Thanks for your thoughts. So Rick Warren didn’t share Jesus with them, okay. Let’s go beyond Rick. Do we as Christians take every moment, every conversation and lead it back to Jesus and what He did for us. I know I don’t. We are imperfect by our choices but we are saved because of what Jesus did. Whether we are Christians or unChristian we still make mistakes. We still from time to time choose our will over His. This is the whole reason for grace. Again thanks for your thoughts.

  8. Hi David,

    The focus of the post was on Rick Warren’s demonstrable rank apostasy so we are certainly veering far off thread if we’re attempting to examine the moment to moment actions of all Christians everywhere at all times.

    I’ve actually never heard anyone assert that Christians don’t make mistakes, or that Christians don’t sin; we do – frequently and miserably.

    A believer’s only solace as we acknowledge this incredible unworthiness on our part is to cling to the indescribable worthiness of the Lord Jesus Christ which has been miraculously and graciously imputed by grace through faith to those who He has called by His Holy Name.

    Yet it seems to me that chalking up Warren’s world friendly performance in the linked video to his imperfect choices, mistakes, and errors in judgment is to give a pass to a man who has REPEATEDLY proven that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    I hope you don’t come away with the impression that I suddenly formed a negative opinion of Rick Warren based on this one video. This video is but a very, very tiny piece of the overwhelmingly massive case that Rick Warren has built against himself over the years. The man is a rank deceiver of the lowest order.

    Of course I can provide copious documentation for my assertions should you be interested in learning more about the arch-fiend and heretic Rick Warren.

    In Christ,

  9. CD,

    You are well spoken in your comments to Knapp. Warren has recked so many churches I have friends and family attended with the Purpose Driven Church heresy. It is sad that someone will set there and chat here defending a wolf. That always amazes me. We have such wimpy Christians in this country that when someone starts speaking the bold truth against Pope Warren they start to pull that softy stuff out. Save it for the rest of the world. It is time for Christians to grow up and start facing the truth. This life is not going to be easy for true believers. this feel good, make the world a better place mess is not bringing people to Christ…yes, these pastors try to tell us people are coming to Christ in droves, but they are coming to believe in the magic, soothing, rich making Jesus preached about in these churches…they are not believing in the Jesus that said one must be Born Again (Regenerated) before they can ever see the kingdom of Heaven. This same Jesus told the rich young ruler he must sell all he has and follow Him. Pretty harsh by todays standards. Rick would have told the rich young ruler that as long as he is trying and just squint his eyes and believe that he could enter the kingdom of heaven. The Jesus the Emerging church, Saddleback, Willor Creek and others are preaching is no different than all other prosperity gospel churches preach…the Jesus of the Bible is offensive at times to non-believers and separates people down the middle. HE did not call people to an easy believism gospel…it requires our lives…all of it Yes, we are mistake prone as we are still human yet we are to repentant about those mistakes not living our entire lives as though God does not exist, but our ultimate goal is to please God, bring honor and glory to God, exalt Jesus Christ above all else, not make this a better world…a better world for who anyway? A better world will not happen until the New Heaven & New Earth are joined after Christ triumphant return…He is Coming!

    In Christ,

  10. Hello CD,

    This video is sadly reminiscent of the PDL material.

    While making the statement, “It’s not about me”, Warren then has the reader/listener spend the entire time focusing on my talents, my abilities, the response I elicit from God just by being alive…

    Basically, his message is..all about me.

    No wonder it’s so popular with the masses: who doesn’t want to here that they’re great, and God’s up there cheering for them (regardless of what they’re doing).

  11. I do not think Rick warren is “saved”

    He does not teach folks they are lost and need to be “saved” from hell by the shed blood of Jesus

  12. I am soooooo glad to read these comments. I have always felt the Rick Warrenites were blinded by the light of his baloney! He plagerized the 12 step program ver batim and this is the most anti-Christ worldly load of garbage on the planet. He is telling Christians that they need to take this program in order to stop drinking. Well, I visited one of these places called Celebrate Recovery and saw that mainly it is selling Ricks books, expensive so called recovery bibles (40$ for the bibles) and study guides by the millions saying that it is a Christian program! That is what this is about, money, more money for Rick!! It’s just another way to fleece the flock for profit. This is one lying, greedy dangerous apostate preacher! Many the AOG churches are adopting this man’s deception including the church I was attending. They are even fingerprinting anyone who wants to work in their ministries. I was asked to do this and was appalled! I argued and they got nasty saying it’s not a big deal. It’s only for the ministry workers. What’s next? I told them this will open up the door for the govt. to list all church members by name and location. Can you believe this? It is happening right now under our noses and people are just walking right into it.

  13. When I first saw a video of Warren’s appearance at “TED”, from which this clip comes, I sent it out to a YahooGroups Christian email list I moderate. One fella who had been an “active” member for years, dropped from the list because I was “bashing Rick Warren” and he was a Warren disciple.

    Warren’s self-described “stealth network” has infiltrated many churches and destroyed many people. But men who like the applause of men like the pragmatic approach rather than the world’s reproach for preaching the cross – so they pander to the “felt needs” of the creature instead of honoring the Creator by being obedient to His Word.

    Last days I tell ya.

  14. they took out the video where you can see for yourself how he is lying to the people the truth about who he is….also when it first came out about Chrislam it was in an article and he was hugging a the opposite of Christians on a major news publication. (I don’t want to say in writing coz it seems like freedom of speech is being abolished so u can try to figure out what i mean by opposite of christians mean)

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