In Defense of Excrement

I’d like to begin by pointing out that this post, despite its title, will not attempt to make a case for John Hagee’s error filled tome entitled In Defense of Israel. That subject has already been covered and John Hagee has been exposed for the charlatan and spiritual snake-oil salesman that he is. Now let us turn our attention to another Pastor John. Unlike the deceived and deceiving John Hagee however, THIS Pastor John is not a ravening wolf in sheep’s clothing.

In the short video posted below Pastor John Piper succinctly sums up the “Word of Faith, Health and Wealth, Prosperity” false gospel message by calling it exactly what it is: EXCREMENT.

Yet upon further reflection I found myself in a slight – and admittedly petty – disagreement with John Piper on the imagery used in his message. While his analogy is very good and quite appropriate, I don’t think he went far enough; and to be quite honest I think he did a disservice to excrement everywhere by comparing it with the Word of Faith, Health and Wealth, Prosperity false doctrine.

Hence the title of this post, “In Defense of Excrement”.

In point of fact the pernicious lie from the pit of hell known as the Word of Faith movement is actually worse than excrement because – in defense of excrement – at least it doesn’t lead men’s souls to eternal damnation in hell fire and everlasting punishment unlike the Word of Faith, Health and Wealth, false gospel of temporal “PROSPERITY”.

I realize that I’m splitting hairs and may be rightfully accused of nit-picking, but even something as lowly excrement doesn’t deserve to be disparaged by equating it with the abomination of the so-called Prosperity Gospel, which in truth is no gospel at all.

3 thoughts on “In Defense of Excrement

  1. Now, that is the truth and the defense is exactly right, CD! The prosperity ‘gospel’ is from the pits of hell and has no place even in the worst parts of our lives! It has led so many astray and all they can think of is gimme, gimme, gimme!

    The reality is that we should be content with the Giver of gifts instead of the gifts! Oh that the Lord would make us all aware of this very thing!

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