Exposing Error: Todd Bentley

Todd Bentley: It’s Not About Jesus


Pastor Jon Sharp of The Way Christian Fellowship has posted an audio clip of charismatic revivalist, Todd Bentley, that you need to hear. It’s not about believing in Jesus. Everybody already does that, Todd Bentley says. It’s believing in the angels that matters in this false prophet’s “awakening”.

Also, Todd has been engaged in deleting certain accounts of his angelic visitations, astral travel and other occult phenomena from his websites. Nice try, Todd. This website has documented some of the changes he is making to cover up his claims that are clearly occult in nature. What’s wrong? Did these things not happen? Did he not really meet St. Paul? Did his angel Emma not exist after all? Is he ashamed of these things? Or, better yet, did he make them up out of thin air to impress the masses who flock to hear him? Answers, Todd, answers.

HAT TIP: Slice of Laodicea

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thank you Ingrid Schlueter for standing up, being counted, and telling the truth!  Soli Deo Gloria!

1 thought on “Exposing Error: Todd Bentley

  1. Thank you for posting this. I used to attend a church that listened and loved what Todd Bentley was teaching. I started listening to him as well, but after paying careful attention to what he was saying, I realized the falsehood he was teaching. My wife and I made the decision to peacefully pull out of our church and find another church that taught the truth. We have since found that with another church. We attempted to keep contact with members of the other church as friends, but almost all of them would not keep in touch with us. When we left, the pastor our old church tried to make us feel guilty about leaving that that we should stay because of that guilt. There are several YouTube videos on this as well.

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