She's a Harlot

The Romish system of works righteousness must adhere dogmatically to the false belief that the atoning work of Christ on the cross is not finished or else the rest of their house of cards comes tumbling down upon their heads.

This is the case because in their perverse view the RCC is the only instrument on earth whereby “sacraments” may be given and received. They must categorically deny Sola Fide because to do otherwise would be to remove the foundation of their false authority. If men are saved by grace through faith in Christ alone – as scripture plainly teaches – then the RCC loses its death grip on its deceived adherents. If men are saved outside the auspices and authority of the RCC – as they are to the glory of God alone every minute of every day – then the RCC must face the truth of its own irrelevancy. Hence the RCC must reject the finished work of the cross and assert Christ’s “continual sacrifice” because this is the entire point and meaning behind the mass and their myriad other sundry and false beliefs.

Incidentally they also, by papal decree, demand idolatry by requiring the “adoration of the Eucharist” which is effectually giving worship to a cracker. To fail to worship the created instead of the Creator is anathema to the RCC. This is painfully blasphemous!

And we need not delve into Mystery Babylon’s pernicious infatuation with all things Marian. They’ve simply committed spiritual whoredom with their devotion and veneration of a sinful woman who, though specially favored of God, was still in just as much need of a Savior as the most heinous harlot or murderer one can imagine.

Lastly these blind leaders of the blind smugly invent false scriptures and then pretend they are canonical so as to support their otherwise unsupportable, extrabiblical, unscriptural, ungodly anti-christ system (i.e. the apocrypha).

For more on the utterly apostate practices of the RCC I highly recommend that you peruse Mike Gendron’s archives over at Proclaiming the Gospel.

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