To My Muslim Friends

My Muslim friends, you’ve been deceived;

The “People of the Book” are not your enemies,

You see, the Creator of all, the One True God

He stepped into time, He trod earth’s sod.

Muhammed, a prophet he claimed to be,

But he never made wine from water, now did he?

Before Whom did demons, disease, nature, and death all bow the knee?

You know, as I know, it is He.

He fed the multitudes,

and not just with earthly foods.

He restores sight to the blind, and cures the deaf,

He calms the storm, and raises the dead.

He died, crucified, for the joy set before Him,

Laid down His life that He might take it up again.

By creed and deed He meets every need,

There was never one like Him, nor will there ever be.

The life I now live, is because He lives inside of me.

Born of a virgin, preached by Spurgeon,

The greatest physician, the ultimate heart surgeon,

Born in Bethlehem, betrayed by friends,

The Shepherd of sheep, with nail pierced feet;

Bore the wrath of God, the winepress He trod;

He came to His own,

suffered and died alone,

for their sin to atone.

Haven’t you heard, “In the beginning was the Word”?

“And the Word became flesh”, isn’t that fresh?

You should know, that though, since the time is far spent,

The hour is coming, when He comes as He went;

On the clouds of heaven with great power and glory;

And if you’re on the wrong side, well it’s going to get gory;

For in flaming fire He’ll take His vengeance, and His fire? Well, you can’t quench it.

Whether in the field, or in the bed, He comes to judge the quick and the dead.

His judgment is final, His mercy is sure, and so is His justice, in righteousness pure.

Don’t waste any more time beliving the lie, that you can be good enough – that’s pie in the sky.

Islam talks a lot about submission, let me give you some advice; now sit up now listen.

When you follow rules to earn a wage that way, my friend trust me, you don’t want that pay!

Instead you need mercy, the offer grace, which cannot be earned anytime, anyplace.

Turn now to Christ, the Savior of men;

What do you bring Him? Only your sin.

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