Beth Moore – Doctrinally [un]Sound

From one of my personal favorite politco-Christian blogs, “Well-Meaning Gentlemen With Different Ideas“:

Ralph Peterson opines:

I know, some of you nasty, negative discerning types, like The Watchman’s Bagpipes, and Lighthouse Trails Research will continue to warn us that Beth Moore lacks understanding of basic hermeneutical principles; that she often twists Scripture to fit into her own propositions. Or you might remind us that she often claims direct revelation from God. And, yes, admittedly, some of her teachings are very similar to the heresies promoted by the Word of Faith crowd. And she tends to interject and employ a lot of pop-psychology, self-esteem stuff that is reminiscent of Robert Schuller. And you might object that she espouses the unbiblical model of spiritual warfare promoted by some “deliverance” ministries or that she teaches the kind of unbiblical, generational bondage that is promoted by Bill Gothard.

But I say, SO WHAT? Why would any church want to remove her books, videos, and Bible studies from their library shelves? After all, it’s good for people to have sufficient information from all philosophies so that we can make informed decisions about what we believe to be truth. Beth Moore’s material isn’t nearly as heretical as other stuff on the shelves like “The Prayer of Jabez,” or “The Purpose Driven Life,” or the old classic, “God Calling.” And frankly, her teaching is no more problematic than most of the Sunday morning drivel we get from thousands of purpose pastors and seeker soothers each week. And since that is what we have come to tolerate (and love) in our pulpits, there is really no justifiable reason to object to Beth Moore once a year at a seminar. Besides, she is every bit as funny as most pastors and a lot more attractive.

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