Random Thoughts (1)

Laying in bed thinking about stuff.  You know, normal stuff I suppose.  The stuff average people think about.  The stuff most people have probably thought about since there have been thinky people.

A recap of my day.

A preview of tomorrow’s plans.

Things remembered.  Things forgotten. The stuff of life.  But in a hundred years no one will care, right?  Right?  Well, have you ever seen a hearse pulling a U-Haul?  Probably not.

So if you’re reading my “Random Thoughts” post, may I temporarily arrest your thoughts?

Stop and think with me for a moment. What do you think about when you daydream?  Upon what primary topics or themes does your thought life typically dwell?  Where is most of your thought life, time, effort, energy, and resources directed?

Think about it carefully, for I submit to you that central primary “something” is your functional deity, your “god”.

If that “something”, that “god” is anything less than the Triune One true and living God of the Holy Bible then you’ve traded the truth for a lie, light for darkness, life for death, and eternal riches for eternal misery.

Think about it.

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