The Ultimate Arminian Weapon Unveiled

The video below was leaked from an elite Arminian think-tank hidden in an underground bunker buried deep beneath Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. It’s rumored that the release of this highly sensitive information may represent the death-blow for Calvinism, and many well known monergists are allegedly already heading for the hills for fear of facing off against this impregnable, irrefutable, and potent form of argumentation which has been secretly under development by the finest Arminian minds of the past several decades.

WARNING – if you are a committed Calvinist then watching this video may have unintended and unpredictable effects on your psychological, physiological, and theological wellbeing. Watch at your own risk!

The Cult of Celeb-rianity

I read this article over at Pyromaniacs and decided to link it here for the edification of Absolute Dominion’s readership.

I was struck and my heart was pricked by the simple truth of the piece and I sadly realized that I too often stand guilty of the error pinpointed by the author, Dan Phillips. At this point it would be worth clarifying that I’m referring to the LATTER error mentioned, and not the FORMER – you’ll understand what I mean when you read the article.

Note: Don’t let the original article’s title deter you, the piece is 100% Team Pyro tested and approved and safe for viewing.

In the Beginning was Nothing: A Creation Story for Young Materialists

[Note: Here at EO I’ve decided to honor my favorite bizarre worldview by hosting an Atheism Appreciation Week. For the rest of the week I’ll have posts dedicated to atheism and its related beliefs.]

Throughout history children have been awed and thrilled by retellings of their culture’s creation story. Aztec’s would tell of the Lady of the Skirt of Snakes, Phoenicians about the Zophashamin, and Jews and Christians about the one true God — Jehovah. But there is one unfortunate group — the children of materialists — that has no creation myth to call its own. When an inquisitive tyke asks who created the sun, the animals, and mankind, their materialist parents can only tell them to read a book by Carl Sagan or Richard Dawkins.

No child, though, should have to go without an answer which is why I’ve decided to take the elements of materialism and shape them into an accurate, though mythic, narrative. This is what our culture has been missing for far too long — a creation story for young materialists.

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