Is Abortion Immoral?

The short answer is “yes”, and Peter Pike offers a sound logical argument for why.  Peter’s argument from logic is grounded in God’s moral law, which is written on the heart of every man, therefore making the conclusions inescapable.

Why then are there so many who won’t agree?  The answer is because they suppress the truth in unrighteousness.  They exchange the truth for a lie (see Romans chapter 1).

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Cecil the Lion…

Cecil was aborted. C’est la vie. Palmer just went about things all wrong.

Palmer and his hunt team should have pinned Cecil down, fully conscious, and held his big furry head in a giant pair of forceps while the base of his skull was punctured with a pair of garden shears, and his brains were sucked out with a shop vac. Then they should have dismembered him and sold, er, “donated” his tissues to interested third parties.

Heck, I’d pay $50,000 to see that videotaped and put on YouTube. Then I’d dare the PC police to wax apoplectic.

The enviro-fascists need to explain why, on evolutionary terms, a higher level predator (the human Palmer) should have any compunction about killing a lower level predator (Cecil the lion).

What’s the source of their moral outrage?  How do they ground moral pronouncements about anything at all?  One random collection of matter in motion snuffs out another random collection of matter in motion – happens every day, and the universe spins on oblivious.